Wednesday, July 23, 2014


Happy Birthday, Vickie!

Here’s a little something funny for your Hump Day.

I like 21 and 22.  Vickie, number 12 is for you.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My little jumping bean

Connor loves that Johnny Jump-Up seat.  This past Sunday, I had it in the powder room doorway while I swept the foyer and dining room within his view.  These pictures are from a couple weekends ago.




I was taking these pictures while waiting for the McHusband to get up.  Look at Connor’s face when he sees the McHusband coming down the stairs.



Of course, Monte had to join in.


You know how there are pictures on the interweb of big dogs, and you just know that yes, it’s a big dog, but it’s also about perspective?  Well, this ended up being one of those pictures.


And then there’s this one of Monte’s crazy face.


Love my boys!

Monday, July 21, 2014

{Recipe Recap} Peanut Butter Carmelitas

The McHusband was out of town all weekend. ALL. WEEKEND.  Including Sunday. He had to work near Charlotte on Friday then went on to his parents’ house to help them over the weekend, then he stayed to testify on an old case Monday morning.

I used to call these bachelorette weekends, but my single-lady-while-the-McHusband’s-away days are long over.  Now they’re single-mom-while-the-McHusband’s-away days and they are long, but they are mostly good.  I enjoy the quality time with Connor since the weekends are the best time we have to be together.

One thing Connor and I did this weekend was attend a neighborhood picnic on Sunday.  The HOA divided the houses into two categories; one brought a side dish and the other a dessert.  My last name put me in the latter category.  Of course I had to try something new rather than go with a tried and true recipe.  You know I love my guinea pigs!

Lucky for them, my treats were one of the best I’ve ever made.


Peanut butter, Rolos, milk chocolate, caramel?  What’s not to love?


I doubled the recipe so I would have a 9 x 13 pan’s worth.  I did not double the butter though; I used 2.25 sticks and it was plenty.


I also had to adapt the caramel layer. 


Turns out, I didn’t have as much heavy cream as I thought so I looked up some other Carmelita recipes and saw one that used evaporated milk, which I had plenty of.


I loved the crust/crumb topping.  Lucky for me, some of it fell off when I was cutting the bars so I had to be on clean-up duty.


Unfortunately, Connor and I had to leave the picnic before dessert so I don’t know what the general consensus on these was.


Actually, we had to leave before ANY of the food came out.  The grills were just being fired up for hamburgers and hotdogs at 5:15 when it was time for us to say goodbye and head home for bath- and bedtime.

My little party animal didn’t make it halfway home before he was snoozing.


Connor and I are both looking forward to having the McHusband home with us tonight.  I even saved him a couple of bars cuz I know they’re right up his alley.

Hope this helps your week get off to a good start!

{Recipe adapted from here}

Friday, July 18, 2014

Friday fitness report

I know you’re disappointed that there aren’t any sweaty post-workout pics in this post.  Maybe next time.

I had a great week regarding my exercising:

  • Saturday: A class at the Y plus some elliptical-ing.
  • Monday: A 32-minute run followed by walking lunges and squats in the driveway.
  • Tuesday: Supposed to be boot camp at the Y but it got rained out and I ended up getting a 50-minute personal training session.  Win!
  • Wednesday: Long walk with Monte.
  • Thursday: 15-minute jog to warm up then a 45-minute personal training session.

I’m not sure how much REAL exercise I’ll get this weekend.  The McHusband’s traveling so I won’t make it to the Y on Saturday, and I have a lot of cleaning to do because Bri and the girls are coming up next weekend.  Just vacuuming the den and sweeping the kitchen isn’t going to cut it this time around.  Chores and our normal weekend morning walks are going to have to be enough this weekend. 

I’m okay with that being the case sometimes because for the near future at least, I don’t think I have much choice.  This is my new normal.

I guess he’s worth it.



Thursday, July 17, 2014

Connor: Five Months

Another month older!


Connor is up to about 17.5 pounds as far as we can tell using our bathroom scale.  He’s healthily chunky in my eyes, but he’s not a total roly-poly.  He’s in mostly 6-month clothes although some 3-6 month stuff also fits him.  He needed the bigger size mostly due to length.


Connor drinks five 6-oz bottles per day and eats every 2.5 to 3.5 hours depending on his napping and general hunger level.  I’ve started adding a little formula to his morning bottle and giving him 7 oz and that seems to go over well.  Connor never doesn’t finish a meal so I will know something’s wrong if he’s done before the bottle is empty.


Our little C-man is doing great at going from his back to his tummy, but unless his one arm is under him just right, he can’t get himself flipped back over.  Until recently, this was a problem overnight.  He likes to sleep on his side but sometimes he’d get turned all the way onto his stomach.  He’d struggle and fuss to get back over then get really upset when he couldn’t so Mom and Day to the rescue! 


Sunday night, though, we accidentally went to bed with the monitor turned all the way down and the next morning Connor was on his tummy at the other end of the bed.  No telling how long he fought the losing battle of returning to his back before he finally went to sleep.  I felt sooooo bad on Monday.  However, I felt a little better every day this week because Connor’s been on his tummy, no fussing (yes, the volume was up, we made sure) in the night, and sleeping soundly when we get up  We’ve even had to wake him up for the day each day this week.  Fingers crossed that this continues through the weekend and maybe I can sleep past 6:00 in the morning.


Connor still needs two good naps a day and the morning one is more of a sure-thing than the afternoon.  I can usually get 1.5 to 2.5 hours out of him in the morning, but I’m lucky to get an hour in the afternoon and sometimes it’s just a catnap.  He goes to bed between 6 and 7, depending on his naps (or lack thereof), but bedtime’s usually pretty close to 6:30.


On the subject of sleep…  Connor has a blankie and I think he depends on it more than the pacifier these days, which is fine with me.  The blankie is made of a very light and breathable muslin and is about one foot square.  When we lay Connor in his crib for bed and naps, the first thing he does is reach is right arm out to grab the blankie and put it to his face.  (The picture below shows his blankie.  Connor spent the evening with a friend while the McHusband and I went out with friends.  Luckily he was happy when we got him home at midnight and he went back to sleep easily.)


He is still enjoying his baths and the activity center and he’s much happier on walks now that he’s sitting in the stroller facing out and looking at the world.  He gets pretty excited over rattles and of course is trying to put everything in his mouth.


Thank goodness he has those built-in “toys” at the ends of his arms; this hands are always in his mouth or holding each other or sometimes he just holds them out and looks at them like, “Well, those are interesting.”  He’s also found his feet, especially his right one.  He reaches for his feet a lot but doesn’t always get ahold.


If you asked Connor what the best thing ever is, he’d say his jumper.  He loves to just bounce away.  I’m so glad I randomly thought to get it out a couple Sundays ago.


Connor is very squirmy on his changing table and I know that’s just going to get worse as he gets older.  We’re going to look back and wish we had these days back.


Connor doesn’t like getting put in his car seat, but he settles down once he’s moving, both as you carry him and then when you’re driving.   There’s that, being on his tummy, and not being held when he’s out of sorts due to fatigue or hunger; otherwise there’s not much else that makes him genuinely unhappy these days, which we’re grateful for.


We haven’t started any real food yet and will wait to do that until he’s six months or so.  He doesn’t NEED it yet and let’s face it, a baby + real food = a lot of work!  I’m okay with putting that off for a little while longer.  It’ll give me time to get a high chair and read up on making baby food.  I think I can pretty much steam and mash most things, but I want to have the food ready when we finally bite the bullet.


Speaking of biting…  Connor doesn’t have any teeth yet, but I’m ready with an amber necklace for when we start that fun phase.


I know you guys are thinking, “Yeah, yeah, Connor’s growing and stuff, but what about the sock monkey?  Where do the two of them stand this month?”  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.





I guess they’re buddies now. Smile

I have a feeling I’m going to be saying this every month from now on, but the McHusband and I have really enjoyed this past month.  Connor is giving back with his smiles and voice and little giggles.  We also just know him better and can read his moods and that’s been very helpful in all three of us having good days.


We are excited to see what the next month brings!


P.S. Happy Birthday, Leigh!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bouncing Baby Boy

I’m working on Connor’s five-month post but in the meantime, here’s a little video of our bouncy baby.

Connor likes to be bounced

Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Duke Roberts

I read about Duke on Monday, and I wanted to share his story with all you animal lovers out there.  After what we went through with Tucker, I can tell you that that last day with your dog, while he still feels halfway okay but you know you’re doing the right thing by helping him across the Rainbow Bridge, is a wonderful terrible day.  Thank goodness we had that day with Tucker.  Remember, we had just been gone for over a week.  If we hadn’t had a chance to say goodbye, I never would’ve forgiven myself.


I wonder how long it’ll be before I can look through his pictures without crying?